Acreage & Retention Pond mowing

Do you have a large detention pond, pasture or field that needs mowing? Are you a developer who has a large plot of land that that needs to be consistently maintained? Safari Landscapes provides tractor mowing services that can get large jobs done professionally and efficiently.

Safari Landscapes provides professional pond and field mowing services throughout Houston-metro. Whether you own a large residential property or a large commercial one, Safari Landscapes has the specialized equipment to handle the job. We frequently work with property management companies, home owners associations, municipalities, and individual land owners.

We provide our clients with one time, monthly, or yearly mowing schedules. We can bill time and material, or on a flat bid basis for companies that require pond or field acreage mowing to entire subdivisions and acreage. Mowing services are offered for right of ways, ponds, large acreage, fields, single lots, and subdivisions. We can work on an “as needed” basis or we can set a schedule for regular maintenance, according to your needs / preference.

Specifically concerning detention / retention ponds, while they have many benefits, if not maintained properly they can incur great costs. Detention ponds are most often required at a development due to a large amount of impervious cover generated by the facility. That impervious cover sheds water much faster than the natural landscape. Therefore, detention ponds must be installed to regulate stormwater from leaving your site too quickly and causing greater problems downstream. These structures also help to clean water by catching trash and debris, as well as filtering out some pollutants found in stormwater.

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